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American Spaniel Club Numbers

Dogs at the Flushing Spaniel Show (1999-2017).

© Jean A. Delisle

The annual American Flushing Show is one of a kind. Today what is left of the initial role of the American Spaniel Club is to host a flushing spaniel show that awards a Best In Show. The AKC grandfathered this BIS award so ASC could continue to offer it. This event is held each January and in addition to being a primary meeting place for Cocker Spaniels (American) it offers breed specialties including sweepstakes for puppies, with the help of each of the flushing spaniel breed parent clubs.

This show has been traditionally held at various hotels around New York City (Roosevelt, Statler, Rye, Meadowlands, etc) and in 2001 the show was moved to Philadelphia and King Of Prussia, PA and in 2012 it was relocated in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dogs entered at ASC Conformation shows

From 1999 - 2017.

Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree Database

Cocker Spaniels (American) have outnumbered all other flushing spaniels until 2006. The move to Pennsylvania saw the rise in popularity of all other spaniels attending the show.

In order to have comparable numbers throughout the years, only conformation regular classes dog competing have been tabulated. With the added Futurity, Sweepstakes, Junior handling, Rally, Obedience and other events, the number of dog entries is larger.

Until 2006, the ASC Flushing Spaniel show was unmistakably the #1 or #2 Specialty in the USA with over 750 dogs competing. But in 2007 and 2008 it slipped to 3rd. When the show moved to Knoxville, TN in 2012 it reached the 7th position with 430 dogs competing. In 2015 it felt at the 12th position with 363 dogs. For 2016, the ASC show had 294 dogs competing. I estimate ASC to be between 20th and 25th position. In 2017 there were 372 dogs competing (411 entries) reversing the downward curve or stagnant to numbers equivalent to 2015 when ASC was the top 12th Specialty Show.

2015 TOP Specialty Shows in the USA

2015 Breeds/Clubs - Location 2014
1 Lab Ret of the Potomac, (04/07), Frederick, MD #2
2 Gold Ret of Amer, (09/29), Wilmington, OH #1
3 Flat-Coated Ret of Amer, (04/07), Gray Summit, MO #23
4 American Whippet, (04/22), Oconomowoc, WI #5
5 American Sheltie, (04/22), Fredericksburg, VA #3
6 Sib Hky of Amer, (10/28), Topeka, KS #46
7 Collie of Amer, (03/11), Oklahoma City, OK #4
8 Great Dane of Amer, (10/29), Myrtle Beach, SC #8
9 Poodl of Amer, (04/22), Salisbury, MD #6
10 Vizsla of Amer, (04/30), Huron, OH #42

From 2000 - 2016.

Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree Database

Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree Database

Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree Database

Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree DatabaseJean Delisle is a Canadian Kennel Club Sporting & Toy Group judge. Member of the American Spaniel Club Archival Work Group. Maintain and update the Cockers-Worldwide Pedigree website. He bred American Cocker Spaniels under the prefix Kebec's with Pierre Talbot since the early 1980s.

American Kennel Club Statistics

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